Candle light

A Comforting Space, or, Share Your Light

I’ve been on edge ever since the US election last fall, and every day feels like we’re spinning further into chaos. I was drawn here today because some part of me feels comfort in my blog.

To pay forward that comfort, I want to tell you, dear reader, I’m sending love and light to you. When times are dark and it takes everything you have just to get out of bed in the morning, remember that there is love, kindness, and beauty in the universe, and in all of us. When times are dark, hold close the light. Focus on it. Add to it. Share love. Share light. Give someone good news. Be kind to yourself, and to others. We have a choice each day to add to the light or add to the dark. I hope we choose to share and nurture the lovely light within us all.



Abstract Galaxy

In February, I took a course, Create beautiful abstract artworks on your iPhone or iPad, using the learning platform, Skillshare. The image above is the first piece I made in this course. As instructed, I created this on my iPad using a source image from NASA, which was then edited in the app, Glitché, to create the spiky, 3D effect. I took the resulting image into the app, Mextures, to edit the colors and add texture effects.

This was my first experience using these apps. I wasn’t very familiar with creating artwork using my iPad. I previously experimented with Procreate, as well as used Snapseed to edit photos, but nothing like the abstract work from the Skillshare course.

This began my love affair with creating abstract artwork using my iDevices. I made a goal to post a new piece of artwork to my Instagram for thirty days, and kept posting new artwork beyond the original thirty day goal. Even though I may not have posted something everyday after the original thirty, I created something everyday. I branched out into other apps, other source material, anything that I could bring into an app and edit.

What I learned in this exercise of everyday creation is that consistent practice, experimentation, and striving to meet a goal, are all essential to learning and growing in a skill.

Notebooks and Posters

Just Begin

Don’t overthink it. Sometimes it’s better to put something out into the world that’s imperfect, rather than to hold onto something perfect that no one will ever see.

I frequently get ideas, start projects, and then never finish anything. It didn’t fit into the romantic vision I had in my head, I lose steam, lose interest, whatever reason.

So, I’m creating this space to allow myself to accept the imperfect.